What makes this “Green”?

1. Rubble trench footing using recycled fill material reducing concrete use.

2. Marble slab material of benches recovered from building demolition in Pontiac.

3. FSC wood

4. Exterior plaster made of Lime plaster with natural pigments to create the finish color.

5. Interior plaster of site harvested earth.


This “Garden Gate House” is designed and built using many “green” techniques and materials as well as traditional building techniques used since the Bronze age. The design is “Half Timber” framed Tudor style construction with “wattle and daub” infill walls. Wattle and daub is a woven stick lattice assembled inside the framed wall and then plastered over with a traditional plaster made on site from clay, sand, and straw.

The Exterior plaster’s final coat is a “Lime Plaster”